Olicamp XTS POT

This post was most recently updated on March 12th, 2019

Brand: Olicamp

Model: XTS Pot

Weight: 6.7oz

Pros: Durable, right size to nest fuel container and some stoves

Cons: Flimsy lid


The Olicamp XTS pot has been our go to pot for the last few years. It is constructed of durable ultralight titanium and weights in at a modest 160 grams or 6.7 ounces.

We had previously used several pots, ranging from the equally heavy yet half the capacity Esbit pot/ stove combo to the some no name pot that was about the same weight and size as the Olicamp.

As soon as we started using this pot we noticed in our very unscientific testing that the heat sink fins on the bottom of it seemed to help with the speed to boil. We paired it initially with a Brunton raptor stove, and eventually got the Olicamp Kinetic ultra titanium stove to round out the ultralight combo.

As evidenced in the header photo this stove will sit nicely on all manner of camp stoves, including the Optimus 8r shown, but we have also used on our Coleman and Aluminum bottle alcohol stoves.

The handles are a bit awkward but offer great strength for gripping ansd store out of the way quite nicely. We do recommend completely criss-crossing them in the open position to avoid any inopportune slippage (unlike as shown in the header photo).

The only real drawback of this pot is the flimsy silicone lid. The lid does positively seat on the top of the pot, and has a handy slit for draining the liquids out of it, it is better suited for a warm beverage, than for draining the water from your boiled pasta. I say this after dumping the entire contents on the ground when the lid failed to stay attached. The thin silicone ensures that you cannot use a finger or hand to ensure the loss of contents when pouring.

Other than that single drawback the size of the pot allows for the storage of a medium canister of fuel, a lighter and the Olicamp stove previously mentioned above all to fit inside quite nicely.

From the 5 – 6 backpacking pots that we have used this is definitely the best bang for the buck with size, weight and features.

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