Olicamp Kinetic Stove

This post was most recently updated on March 13th, 2019

Brand: Olicamp

Model: Kinetic Ultra Titanium

Weight: 1.7oz

Pros: Lightweight, uses fuel efficiently

Cons: Fuel Valve can be tight, relatively small pot support surface




The Olicamp Kinetic stove has been our go to stove for our backpacking adventures over the past few years. We have put it through its paces on about 180 miles of the John Muir Trail and also several shorter trips around Southern California.


At 1.7 oz it is very light weight and is also user friendly with minimal moving parts that invariably fail when you really need them (looking at you piezo ignition systems). Some may consider the lack of an integrated ignition system a negative but in this case it seems to simplify the design of the stove and we generally prefer it that way.

Stove and Pot nested

The stove measures out at 2.6 x 2.5 inches which is extremely compact. When paired with the Olicamp XTS Pot this you can easily nest the stove and an 8oz (230gm) fuel canister to make a one stop cooking shop.

There is a drawback to this compact size though, and that is the diameter of the pot supports makes larger pots can be a bit unstable due to easily being off centered. We haven’t lost any meals over it yet, but it does seem like it could be just a matter of time. Especially with a pot like the XTS, where there is an open space in the bottom so that the flame can contact the conduction fins more easily.

The valve handle is a pretty obviously designed to maximize the weight savings, however it may give the operator some pause when attempting a positive shut off, or if you closed it a bit too securely and try to open it again. This is because it feels that it may twist right off as it flexes between your fingers. The design seems solid though as we have not had any issues with it, just random thoughts in our heads as we turn it off and off


The Olicamp website claims a 3 minute 30 second time to boil some unknown quantity of water. We haven’t sat down with the stop watch but we feel that this claim should be pretty accurate. On a consistent basis we use this stove with the aforementioned Olicamp XTS pot and have found this combination to make the watch the water boil wait time perfectly acceptable.You can see below the pretty flame produced from the stove.

Olicamp Kinetic flame shot

Speaking of variables that affect boiling speed.  If you are in a breezy situation, you are definitely going to need a windscreen with this stove, as while it does put out good BTU’s, like most canister stoves it generally does not like windy conditions.

We have not found any issues with the efficiency rating for the stove. Most recently we heated water on it for coffee, breakfast and dinner over the course of a 7 day trip on the John Muir Trail and we only exhausted one 8oz canister. We should probably note that these results were mostly achieved because we were not bringing the water to a full boil since all of it was already filtered but it is nice to know that you don’t can use the medium canister even on the longer trips.


Overall we have very much enjoyed using this stove. it’s compact design and ability to be nested inside the pot with the fuel has saved both weight and space in our packs. We feel confident in recommending this stove to anyone who uses a smaller pot and is looking for a solid lightweight canister stove.

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